Menu Mate-
AI Chef

Instant access to expert advice about anything on the menu. You just point and tap, no typing.

A Master Chef At the Table

Foodie Mode

What would Chef expect if he were to order this dish? Learn the typical ingredients and preparations, even the history.

Cautious Eater

Chef knows what you do and don't like, and is ready to give you advice on how an unfamiliar menu item is likely to suit you.

Allergy Advice

Chef knows what allergies you've identified and will advise what is typical for a dish. Consult with your waiter if you have serious allergies and need certainty.

Wine Pairings

Enrich your dining experience with your personal wine steward advising you which wines would compliment a given dish.

Never Google Your Dinner Menu Again!

Above: Wine pairings are a touch away after scanning any menu. Find new flavors!

AI Chefs have read more restaurant reviews, recipes, culinary books, even social media comments than you or I could in a lifetime. Learn from them with a tap.

Tailored Advice

Tap the Settings icon and quickly mark some foods that you find distasteful. Do you have allergies? You can toggle them here and the Chef will give you preliminary advice on what implications a given dish might typically have for that allergy. Of course, chef is only reading the menu, he’s not working in the kitchen, so to be sure, confirm with your waiter before you order.

Menu Mate

Scan menu,
tap a dish


Tell the Chef
what you like

Reviews from Early Testers

A lucky few have been using Menu Mate for a while now so we could get it ready for you. Here’s what they have to say so far.


Amazing technology! I’m blown away by the computer vision and AI behind this app. It’s so cool to see the dishes light up on the menu and then get a detailed description from the Chef. The app is also very user-friendly and easy to navigate. The in-app purchase is totally worth it for the full set of features.

Joel Hurst, RN

Great app. I love trying out new restaurants, but I always have trouble deciding what to order. Menu Mate has been a game-changer for me. The AI is so smart and the Chef’s descriptions are spot-on. I especially love the allergy mode, as I have a nut allergy and it’s great to have that extra layer of security. Highly recommend!”

Ramona Bowman, Retired

A must-have app for foodies! I love trying out new and exotic dishes, and Menu Mate helps me do that with confidence. The Chef’s descriptions are so detailed and informative, and I love learning about the history and origin of different dishes. And the wine pairing mode is a great bonus. I’ve discovered some amazing new wines thanks to this app.

Anonymous Beta Tester