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Latest Releases

Hidden Mickey Finder

Imagineers hid Mickey shapes all over the Magic Kingdom. Find them with Augmented Reality.

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The future king of trivia, coming soon to all major platforms. You do NOT want to miss this game.

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Magic Card 3.0

This iOS app is a beautiful, impossible card illusion loved by professional magicians, that you can learn in 5 minutes.

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Our Company

The kind of stuff big companies forgot about

Sure, we love $100 million dollar game budgets too. But hand crafted, personal entertainment is special.

There are no middle men here. This little studio was founded by developers and artists. Every dollar spent on our products makes more magic happen, and feeds our kids (they eat a lot!). We make fun things only indies would do. Thank you for being a part of it.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (computer vision) is amazing. Really it is. But a lot of people seem to just make pop up books with it. We can do better. Lots of our apps use AR in sneaky or new ways.

VR Development

We admit it, we’re hooked. VR is science fiction come true. Some of the best experiences so far in VR come from small studios. Let’s explore the future together.

Magic & Illusion

When the iPhone came out, we saw real magic. Tech has gotten so good that we can have fun today blurring the lines between the real and impossible. The world needs all the magic it can get.

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