Magic Card 3.0

We’re proud to have shipped the very first magic trick approved for use on the iOS App Store in 2008, which quickly became a best seller. Originally $4.99, Magic Card is now FREE and rewritten from scratch with cutting edge tech. It’s now much easier to perform, and more amazing than ever.

The illusion

Grab a real deck of cards and have a friend pick one, face down. Tell them to make sure you can’t see it. Then, take your phone out and ask them to launch the camera app, and hand you back the phone….

“Do me a favor and hold that card out in your hand, face down. I want a picture of this,” you say. Snap a photo of your friend, holding the card back towards you.

Finally, turn the phone around to show the photo. “This is the cool bit, check this out. This is crazy,” you say as you start shaking the phone, first slowly, and then a bit faster. Just as the screen is getting a bit hard to follow your friend realizes that the card has changed. It’s now somehow face up in the picture, looking exactly as if it had been that way all along, and sure enough, it is their card.

Used by professionals, but your phone does the hard part

Magic Card uses a method so clever that it was adopted by professional magicians for years, especially in restaurants and other close up settings, because it was beautiful and unusual. Today’s version uses advanced computer vision technology and is much easier to perform; the phone will do most of the work.

“Slick card magic for your iPhone.” –

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