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Disney Imagineers enjoy cleverly working “Hidden Mickeys” into their parks, but can you find them? It’s surprisingly challenging. Books and online rumors can be frustrating, “Is that a real Hidden Mickey, or a splotch?” Grab the app, and enjoy an illustrated adventure through the park and see things you never noticed before with the help of an Augmented Reality scavenger hunt for the whole family.

The Magic Kingdom is the most visited theme park in the world, but whether you’re planning your first trip or your 10th, there are countless secrets to find you’ve never explored. A fan favorite, the “Hidden Mickeys” are skillfully woven into the attractions, architecture, streets, signage, and more. Finding them can be very satisfying and will deepen your appreciation of the parks.

Augmented Reality helps, a lot!

The parks are vast, and deliberately packed full of details to challenge your senses, so finding these often subtle Mickeys can be very difficult. Take the example on the right shown here. That giant billboard has a tiny little Hidden Mickey (the nut holding the propeller to one of the biplanes) that you’re not likely to find on your own in 100 trips to the Magic Kingdom. Even if you were told “there’s one on the sign near Goofy’s Barnstormer” you may not find it.

Hidden Mickey Finder users advanced computer vision to let you find them with Augmented Reality. This way you can track your progress, find them all over the park, and never wonder whether you’re seeing the “real” Hidden Mickey. When you find a real one, the app will lock on, animate a sequence, and automatically mark it as found. (don’t worry, you could always clear it to look again another time if you want).

And it’s FREE to try!

Everyone loves a Disney vacation, but there’s not a lot that’s free at Walt Disney World. Hidden Mickey Finder is free to download to your smart phone, and you don’t have to pay anything unless you want to go beyond the first half dozen Mickeys. After that, if you’re having fun, you can support independent developers like us by unlocking the rest of the Hidden Mickeys and enjoy them in line, while you’re waiting for a parade, or just when the mood strikes. Download it now, and enjoy your trip!

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